Welcome to Custom Prose, a Commission Service Site for Efficient, Affordable Commissions!


Custom Prose is simple commissioning service which offers cheap, efficient, and completely customized literature and artwork. Not only can leisure reading be created the way you dreamed it, Some commissioners even offer editing services. Simply choose any of our commissioners and send 'em an email!

     Whether your commission is NSFW or completely Safe for Work, you can trust that Custom Prose's commissioners can write or draw your commission and keep working with you until you're happy! Your orders can also be kept private upon request.

     We've been asked to commission fiction of all kinds of genres and artworks. We're known for our ability to capture a character or art subject's personality and really bring that to life! If you’d like to commission from us, we can’t think of anyone better and more efficient. We range from SFW and NSFW, so no need to be shy. We've seen and heard it all. Simply choose a commission to start!

What does SFW and NSFW Entail?

• No/Mild Strong Lingo
• No Sexual Content
• LGBTQ+ Casualty
• No/Mild Violence

If you're not sure what else qualifies as SFW, feel free to ask your commissioner.

• Strong/Sexual Lingo
• Strong Sexual Content
• LGBTQ+ Pornography
• Strong/Lewd Violence

If you're not sure what else qualifies as NSFW, feel free to ask your commissioner.