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       Founded on May 05, 2013


Custom Prose is simple commissioning service which offers cheap, efficient, and completely customized literature of both SFW and NSFW variety. From fanfiction of your favorite fictional characters to editing services, Custom Prose has you covered and is ready to build your vision!

Whether your commission is NSFW or completely Safe for Work, you can trust that Custom Prose can write for you and keep working with you until you're happy! Your orders can also be uploaded to popular commission sites or even kept private upon your request. We offer both google doc links and PDF files.

We've been asked to commission fiction of all kinds of genres, and the most popular genre is erotica. We're known for our ability to capture a character's personality and really bring that to life; if you’d like to commission from us, we can’t think of anyone better and more efficient. We range from SFW and NSFW, so no need to be shy. We've seen and heard it all, there's no room for shame here. All you need to do is click on the order form tab and let 'er rip!

What Could SFW and NSFW Entail?

• No/Mild Strong Lingo
• No Sexual Content
• LGBTQ+ Casualty
• No/Mild Violence

If you're not sure what else qualifies as SFW, feel free to ask your commissioner.

• Strong/Sexual Lingo
• Strong Sexual Content
• LGBTQ+ Pornography
• Strong/Lewd Violence

If you're not sure what else qualifies as NSFW, feel free to ask your commissioner.

Please don't submit your payment until your order has been completed! Pre-payments and half-payments are not accepted.

All payments must be made in USD via CashApp or PayPal. We are not accepting trades or any alternative means of payment, sorry!


Safe For Work Commissions:

Not Safe for Work Commissions:

Custom Prose Editing Services:

Microsoft Word Page Details:

Working Hours:

Special Notice: any collaborations (commissions worked on with the customer) are half the total cost of the finished result! Neato!

Should there be any delay in writing your order, Jessica Snow will email you and inform you. Do not pay us before your order is done!

How does the process work?

     All you have to do is fill out the order form found at the top of this page labeled "Place Your Order". After your order is reviewed, you will receive contact from your commissioner stating whether or not your commission will be written. Once the commission is written, you will be contacted again with the total amount due. Once the amount is paid (via CashApp or Paypal in USD), your commission will be emailed to you! Very simple. You can even request it as a PDF!

Why should I not pay ahead of time?

     Many commissioners are victim to what we call "runners". They are people who pay half price up front, receive their commission, and then leave before they pay for the rest of the story. This steals our time and energy from us, as we try to do our best to create quality customized literature just for you. We suggest that payment be given after your product is ready to be received and paid for within a matter of seconds or minutes - like buying over the counter.


If you're happy with our services, please consider leaving us a small tip!

A tip is not necessary, but every little bit helps as our wages are earned solely on commission and not by salary or paycheck. If your tip was 

mistake, please contact Jessica Snow at [email protected] to request a refund within 24 hours. After 24 hours, refunds are denied.